Good or poor customer service is often the strongest impression customers have of your company.  This one-hour workshop is designed to review good customer service responses to calls ranging from common questions to abusive callers.


¨ Communicate effectively with customers

¨ Create a positive impression

¨ Improve telephone skills

¨ Develop and maintain customer service standards

¨ Plan good customer service


Cancellation fees will be charged for notice given by client less than 24 hours prior to commencement of training at the discretion of Stein Consulting. Stein Consulting’s standard cancellation charge is 40%. Should Consultant postpone due to illness or personal factors less than 24 hours prior to commencement of training, training will be rescheduled and Company will have a 10% discount on the rescheduled training session.

In a global economy, customers have many options for goods and services.  Poor customer service can directly impact your bottom line, and poor word-of-mouth reviews will undermine your business.

Good customer service can create loyal customers who’ll refer business to you.

Which face would you rather present to the public?  Uncaring and unprofessional, or considerate, professional and efficient?

In this workshop, we discuss great service and poor service, how we experience it and how we prefer to be treated.  How do you greet customers over the phone or in person?  What about Internet manners?

Would you return to the company after a poor experience?

If you’d had a great customer service experience, do you think more highly of the company?  Are you more likely to purchase their products?  Would you recommend the company?


    Price: $400 per workshop

    Workbooks: $3.00 per person

    Travel Fee if workshop is over 25 miles away.


PayPal payment available:  3% fee






Improving Customer Service



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