Preventing Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors

This workshop meets the requirements for California mandatory training.  Recent cases, patterns of harassment and experiences from HR are included. 

2 hours:  On-site Workshop or Webinar                            More details...


Preventing Sexual Harassment Training for Employees     

We examine what is—and is not—harassment.  Course also describes reasonable steps to take if one observes harassment in the workplace. 

1 hour:  On-site Workshop or Webinar                             More details...


Workplace Discrimination:  Laws and Ethics                      

Available for any employee, this workshop combines an overview of Federal and California laws along with personal experience, current cases, values and ethics.

1 hour:  On-site Workshop or Webinar                              More details...


Effective Interview Skills for Supervisors                            

This workshop is designed to improve the interview process, raise awareness of legal traps and strengthen information-gathering and decision-making skills.

2 hours:  On-site Workshop                                            More details...


Improving Customer Service                                                  

We review common complaints about customer service and ways to improve it.  Participants discuss customer issues and how to best handle them.

1 hour:  On-site Workshop                                               More details...


Improving Communication Skills                                                     

This workshop is designed to help participants gain a better understanding of communication styles and improve communication and listening skills.

1.5 hour:  On-site Workshop                                             More details...

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