Text Box: Preventing Sexual Harassment 
Training for Supervisors

This two-hour workshop meets California’s mandatory training requirements. Course includes information about harassment and discrimination.

Providing training does not guarantee a harassment free workplace: that’s up to you and your employees.


· Course is fully compliant with California’s requirements.

· Supervisory responsibilities and liabilities are stressed.

· Includes instructions for handling employee complaints.

· Updated real-life cases and experiences are included in the presentation.

Cancellation fees will be charged for notice given by client less than 24 hours prior to commencement of training at the discretion of Stein Consulting. Stein Consulting’s standard cancellation charge is 40%. Should Consultant postpone due to illness or personal factors less than 24 hours prior to commencement of training, training will be rescheduled and Company will have a 10% discount on the rescheduled training session.


    Price: $600 per workshop

    Workbooks: $3.25 per person if I     assemble, free if you print

    Travel Fee if workshop is over 25   miles away.


WEBINAR: if provided by your company.

    Price: $65 per participant


Onsite workshops will not be combined with webinars.


PayPal payment available:  3% fee

In California, both supervisors and employees can be held personally liable for sexual harassment.

Training for Supervisors, in order to meet the California legal requirements, must be more extensive than the training provided to your employees, as supervisors have greater exposure to claims, and organizations are liable for harassment by their supervisors.

The Supervisor training includes coverage on conducting investigations, recognizing the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace, and avoiding managerial decisions that can lead to discrimination, harassment or retaliation claims.

The course reviews mandated materials, recent cases and includes my business experiences.



Preventing Sexual Harassment

California Supervisor Edition



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