From Company Contacts:


The feedback I received from my boss today was she's a tough and knowledgeable lady. She is obviously very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for coming at such short notice and for delivering such a professional presentation. Everyone was very impressed and you made me look good too just for being associated with you! - Stephanie

The training was very effective especially because it began interesting discussions among the management staff. The team learned how to be more effective and was able to share ideas and tips with each other. - Jonna

Thanks again for giving the training yesterday. I was impressed by the level of participation that you achieved from the group. Your presentation was very well put together and informative. Thanks for doing such a great job. - Juniper

Thanks for the policies you sent me. I got numerous compliments on how you conducted the workshop this week. Everyone I spoke to said you were very professional and did not get rattled when they asked you questions. I enjoyed it and thought that it really could have been even longer, the time went by so quickly I was amazed. - Gayle

You did an excellent job and I've heard nothing but positive feedback. - Traci

I was delighted to have you as my guest speaker, I noticed the audience was engaged and really enjoyed your presentation. - Cristina

Your presentation was great with lots of information! - Lilia

It is a good feeling to have somebody that knowledgeable on our side. - Myra



From Participants:


You Rock!

It was an eye opening course! Some of the issues brought up were informative and definitely put in an understandable perspective.

I did learn a lot from your seminar, what really bothered me after the webinar was over is I realized that my wife was a victim of harassment, due to a pregnancy & hostile work environment categories. It took me 3 days to finally tell her she was right, of what she was talking about 5 years ago. Education is powerful when you know the rule & laws.

Thanks for the webinar today. Your presentation style and material was well done. The two hours went by fast. I will definitely recommend to my colleagues and associates in the future.

This was one of the better sessions that I have seen on the topic, and I have been managing people for over 20 years. Good stuff.

Could have extended another hour or half-hour.

We should offer this class to all employees.

Time went by quickly.

Group exercises were engaging.

The interaction lends to a deeper understanding.

Website links provided were very useful.

We should have this class every year.