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Webinar Etiquette


There are a few simple rules of conference call etiquette and I am providing a few tips that will help you to make our conference call successful.

* Please be on time and be prepared. Not only is this a professional thing to do, it helps us run on time and does not interrupt the flow of conversation.

* Don't use your cell phone to make the call. They can cause static on the line and may affect your connection.

* You should never put the call on "hold". The participants will hear your on-hold music or I will not know that you have stepped away and may continue to address you while you're gone. At times I may call on you and if you're not there, I will assume you've left your training and you will need to repeat it.

* Turn off your call-waiting if dialing in from home. I suspend this function by dialing *70 prior to the call.

* Identify yourself when you first enter the webinar and when you speak.

* Mute your speakerphone. If you are using a speakerphone, until you need to answer/ask a question or participate, please mute the phone. Speakerphones pick up background noise and conversation - including proprietary information about your company.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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