Do you know someone interested in one of my onsite workshops?

By referring potential new Northern California customers to Stein Consulting, you are eligible to receive up to 10% of the cost of the first workshop, if the lead generates a sale of any one of my onsite training programs. Should the sale consist of more than 1 workshop, you will receive another 5% for the second workshop.  Workshops are listed on the Products page.

Referral is easy.  Fill out our referral form with your contact details, including information about the organization and contact person that I should call.  This should be a “warm lead” - someone who has been told about my programs and is prepared for a call.  Please do not submit names/companies with whom you’ve had no contact.

REFERRAL FORM PDF  If you don’t have an Adobe Reader, please download your free reader at the Adobe website.

Program Rules

This program is open to anyone, including current and prospective Stein Consulting customers.

The referral form must be completed fully to qualify.

Stein Consulting is not responsible for technical failures in entry transmission.

Completion of the referral form shall constitute agreement by the referring person that Stein Consulting may reveal the referring person's identity to the potential Stein Consulting customer.

Training must be held within a reasonable driving distance from Cupertino in Northern California. 

Persons referring their current employer are welcome, but unfortunately cannot qualify for a referral award, in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

Persons completing the referral form will be asked to confirm that their current employer does not forbid their receipt of a referral award from Stein Consulting under this program.

Send in as many referrals as you like.  Multiple referrals to the same prospective organization count only once, even if the subsequent referrals are to different individuals within that organization.

If two or more people make a referral relating to the same organization, only the first shall qualify. It is Stein Consulting’s sole responsibility to identify the earlier referral and inform the referring party of this ineligibility.

Referrals to existing Stein Consulting customers already engaged in a workshops, webinars or etraining, shall not qualify for payment.

Referring persons shall be notified by Stein Consulting within 30 days of a qualifying purchase by the referred organization. Stein Consulting may use e-mail or telephone to notify the referring person, at its sole discretion.

Awards shall be paid out within 30 days of Stein Consulting receiving payment from the referred organization in relation to the workshop.

Awards are not transferable.

Individual payouts shall be deemed a taxable benefit to the recipient. The recipient is responsible for reporting this income on their tax returns. Stein Consulting is not responsible for withholding income taxes from these payments and remitting them to the appropriate tax agencies.

Except as required by law, Stein Consulting will not share any information about either the referring part or prospective customer with any third parties.

Any claims or disputes relating to this program must be resolved in Santa Clara County, California.

Stein Consulting reserves the right to modify, or discontinue this program at any time.